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Had a business dispute with former partners, Marc was very professional and did a great job representing me and my interests. I would most certainly hire Marc again.

By Benton

Extremely knowledgable & very experienced
I was injured in my face by someone and needed an attorney right away. Marc Schatten was recommended to my by more than one person, so I went with him at The Denver Law Firm. Mr. Schatten’s knowledge, expertise and passion for personal injury law was astounding. His handling of the case was more than I than expected. I would ONLY recommend Marc Schatten to anyone who needs representation in a personal injury case.

By William

Slip and Fall
Marc was there for me from day one. He covered all avenues in getting my case taken cause of and won. He is a very caring person and is now a friend.

By Dusty

Long Process
I was in a car accident two years before I was connected to Marc. I had been bounced around the law firm from day one of hiring the firm. After two years I was luck enough to have Marc as the next attorney I would work with in the firm. Marc promised that he would work with me until the end of my case and that’s exactly what he’s did. He made the rest of the process smooth sailing from there on out. He was very considerate and understood my frustrations. He is extremely knowledgeable and truely cares about his clients. Can’t thank him enough!

By Anonymous

Car Accident
I had been in a car accident and had some medical issues due to that accident. I had spoken to a few different attorneys in the firm before I was connected to Mr. Schatten. He was very professional, polite and above all approachable. He returned phone calls, answered any questions I had. He didn’t treat me like a number. I always felt like he understood my concerns with my health. I wasn’t out to win a big settlement, I just needed help with medical bills. Mr Schatten spoke with my doctors and reviewed all of my medical history, as well as the problems that occurred from the accident. I will have issues with my back and memory problems for the rest of my life. Mr Schatten wanted to go that extra mile for me. Due to the problems that I have trying to remember things, trying to get the words out, I knew that the stress of going to court was more than I could handle. My medical bills were taken care of and I could finally the put the accident to rest. He did what I asked and I was very pleased with his help.

By Patrick Preston

Extraordinary Outstanding Attorney
Marc Schatten did an incredible job engineering and defending our case. All questions and concerns were handled immediately, and the guidance and legal knowledge through out the whole case was impeccable.

He is incredibly compassionate and absolutely brilliant!
The following is an excellent quote which really sums up how Mr. Schatten defended our case successfully:

“Preparation to win includes planning, tactics and strategy, evaluating the opposition’s position and power, coordination of all your forces to win throughout the (case), and respect for your opponent at all times”.
Without any reservation, I would only recommend Marc Schatten to others when considering legal counsel.

By Cynthia

I came out on top of a complicated business dissolution/dispute thanks to Marc!
Marc took on my partnership dispute after another highly recommended and slightly more experienced lawyer let me down. For what seemed to be an impossible and complicated dispute, he exceeded my expectations, not only getting me our primary asset, but also in his ability to negotiate the dissolution, problem solve and in building a case to strengthen my negotiating position. Very professional, very sharp and a pleasure to work with.

By Anonymous